Pink Romper, Blue Sunnies

    I drew this illustration a year and change ago, but I never gave it its full moment that it rightfully deserved. The reason I'm so proud of this fashion illustration is two-fold: the shading quality and the boldness of the lines. During the time of this drawing, I have started to collect illustration markers and I hadn't amassed the collection of Tombows and Prismacolor markers that I currently have. I had watercolor pencils (plenty of them), so I used both mediums in this illustration. It was the first time I deliberately dove into the world of mixed media, although it was due to necessity. As artists, we know materials come with a hefty price tag. At nearly $8 a marker, color and material choice must be considered when creating our work. But out of scarcity, my love for mixing mediums was born.

     I'm also proud of the fluidity of the sketch itself; the lines that look so effortless and brushstroke-like took hours to perfect. I remember being nervous that I was one stroke away from ruining the illustration, but with every line, the subject became more realized. It's the combination of revisiting this and pasts sketches (see the Gucci and Christian Dior post) that has me thinking of returning to fashion illustration in a more consistent capacity. One year and 42 illustration markers later, I am not getting to a place in my art where I have the tools I need to achieve the looks I wish to convey on paper. I may not follow fashion with the fervor of my early-mid twenties, but I still gravitate to its revolving door of inspiration. We'll see where my creative pathways lead me. My guess? A blog full of sketches...maybe an opportunity (or 5) to draw for some brands. *Crosses fingers*