Blue Studies No.1

Blue Studies No.1 , 18"x 24", Mixed media on paper.

Blue Studies No.1, 18"x 24", Mixed media on paper.

 When I created "Blue Studies No.1", I pulled inspiration from the "the blue period". While Pablo Picasso is the artist I most closely associate with having a blue period (his was from 1901-1904), many other artists throughout antiquity and modern times incorporated a study of blue in their oeuvre.   

     For me, the use of blue "cools" down a work. There's a haunted aspect to prussian lue that is both soft like velvet and deep like the Pacific Ocean. Only when paired next to black, you can tell that it isn't black at all. Cobalt blue is like the loud "C" that barges into an "A and B" conversation. In this instance, the big "C", cobalt blue, isn't a distraction but an enhancement. It dominates the left side of the painting, yet it offers a balance to the shades of deep midnight and Prussian blue. Tints of blush and concrete grey meander about the edges and through the moments of blue and serve to add a softness to the knife edge of the blue. I used an acrylic marker pen to draw in the white lines to add in a bit of texture and minimalist pattern and used a Phthalo Green oil pastel to draw the eye to a color that complemented the cobalt blue.     

    Creating Blue Studies No.1 was a study of combining different shades and hues of the same color while giving each color its own due respect on the paper. The end result is a work that draws you in and inadvertently makes the viewer study it for awhile. I hope you enjoy this work and find your own connection to the color blue.

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