Fertile Crescent

Fertile Crescent, 9"x 12", Mixed media on paper

     Traditionally I work with acrylic paint, but as of late, I've been working with multiple mediums. This has resulted in me merging acrylic with Prismacolor, Promarker, and Tombow markers, oil pastels, watercolor, various inks, metallic pens, and graphite. Fertile Crescent was inspired solely by color theory. My inspiration came from contrasting tints and shades of blue to original blue, with pure black. It was important to me to convey bold, vivacious versions of blue in order to produce a lively and "fertile" visual. I wrote a poem that corresponds to the artwork above.

Fertile Crescent

Looking back, I took for granted the water you gave me.
I didn’t realize it at the time but you were keeping me for a lush harvest.
You tended to me like a houseplant. 
With your enveloping embraces and anchoring tongue, I mistook
Your pruning for plucking.
It’s only when I left your fertile crescent that I discovered that your fruitful affections
were not the norm outside your arms’ city gates,
and that your florid words and evergreen heart were
the exception and not the rule.



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