Inktober Illo:Plants


     I've never done Inktober, so this is my first time attempting to complete the October drawing challenge. Boy! Is it ever a challenge! I made a list of 30 things/ideas that are essential to my current drawing style and things I wish to become a stronger illustrator of. One of those things are plants.  

This is Henrietta, the succulent. 

This is Henrietta, the succulent. 

     I traditionally don't do well with living things as far as keeping them alive. I sucked as a parakeet mom during my formative years and plants were unfortunately no exception.

     Nowadays I'm a new mom. A plant mom. I have a newly discovered appreciation for plants. They're essential for home decor and air purification and they offer another perspective of life.


I used illustration and calligraphy markers on Canson illustration paper. I outlined using brown watercolor and blue fountain pen ink. Be on the lookout for a list of materials used in this illustration. 

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