"Nesting", 22"x30", Mixed media on paper.

"Nesting", 22"x30", Mixed media on paper.

As mentioned in my last post, I am in a nesting mood right now…well right now I’m eating baked ziti and writing this post but in the big scheme of things, I am forever sweeping, rearranging, organizing, and domesticating. I can’t wait to meet my son Chai. I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow (February 5th), so in the spirit of welcoming new life and preparing for change, I painted this work titled, “Nesting”.

“Nesting” features two curved figures, an abstract mother and child leaning upon each other. I aimed for a darker color palette because I wanted this piece to be a bit subdued and to accommodate a wide range of interiors. A light blue watercolor background is formed through bold and wide brushstrokes. This light blue represents a clarity that is had through decluttering one’s mind and space. The black ink splots add a curious texture to the work. The color variance between the acrylic black of the “mother” arch and the matte black of the sumi ink plays nicely together, but it’s a detail that’s noticeable in person.


I use lines throughout all my abstracts. (Note: See link to blog post explaining why here.) While I held true to my signature 4 line motif, I drew out a partial background of rigged lines. They represent the days of the life of both the mother and child figures: some lines are long and graceful, others collide into each other; some are uneven, others are straight- much like life.

I had a great time making this piece. It’s 22” x 30” on Legions watercolor paper so it’s ready for the perfect frame. I used acrylic paint, sumi ink, pastels, ink, and graphite to create this work and I hope you enjoy the details as much as I do.