Witty Whitni

“Witty Whitni”, 11”x15”, sumi ink and acrylic on paper.

“Witty Whitni”, 11”x15”, sumi ink and acrylic on paper.

     It’s been awhile since I’ve played with a paintbrush. Lately, my mind has been hyper focused on creating fashion illustrations. Two really great illustrations later, I’m craving paint under my nails and fresh work on the site.


      Currently I have been challenging myself to use a limited color palette. Not only does it make the work look more cohesive, but it forces me to think about how the colors will be used. Do I juxtapose the cobalt blue against the millennial pink? How does a certain block of color “play” next to the bold ink brushstrokes? Why the hell is bubblegum pink being called millennial pink now? What marketing genius decided this? So many questions...

      I create work as inspiration manifests into ideas. Sometimes I lean heavier on illustrationing; other times, the scales tip in abstract art’s favor. All in all, the process is humbling and incredibly fun.